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suspended fertilizer that is carefully manufactured to supply plant with essential micro macro nutrients and trace elements, a fertilizers that is easily absorbed by plants and characterized by low PH. It can be mixed with other fertilizers and it has low PH.

This fertilizer help to reduce soil PH, which is essential for (CEC)

Max paste can be used for different plants and crops when high NPK is needed, we produce a wide range of products to supply your needs and you can contact our technical your needs and your formula about what you need.

Why to use paste fertilizer???

1- High content of NPK elements which can reach 85%, this is not possible in liquid or powder fertilizers.

2- Easy to be absorbed and don't precipitated as it is suspended in suspending agent.

3- You can mixed it with pesticides and fertilizers without any side effects, paste fertilizers play the role of spreading material.

4- Low EC compound to powder and liquid fertilizers so it help to control salting problems.

5- NPK in paste fertilizers are coated with organic that prevent making complex chemical that plant can't absorbed.

6- Stable formula not keep its form and it is easy to use.

7- low PH is important for clay soil , this make paste fertilizer more available for plant, low PH reduce soil PH and that help the  acidity for beneficial microorganism in soil and improve soil chemical and physical proprieties .

8- Paste fertilizer can be mixed with acids like phosphoric acid, nitric acid,   sulfuric acid, while this acid can't be mixed with powder fertilizer.

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